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I had never planned to write a Christmas book because, to be honest, I have some issues around Christmas myself. But in the summer of 2007, my publisher asked if I’d like to participate in a Christmas 2008 anthology.

So I immediately thought, how can I write about Christmas, knowing that readers want something cheery and uplifting, and I have some negative issues about the whole thing? Well, the answer was, give my heroine, Jude, some negative issues too, then match her up with a guy, Nick, who utterly loves Christmas. And do it twelve days before Christmas, so he has twelve days to help her work through her pain and rediscover the true spirit of Christmas.

Do the words “twelve” and “days” and “Christmas” ring any bells? Yes, you bet! A partridge in a pear tree, and so on. That becomes the hero’s private joke – for each of the twelve days, he’s going to follow the song and give her a gift, and she’ll never guess he’s doing it. I had so much fun thinking up sneaky gifts that fit each day: for example, five golden rings = five condoms!

His mission is to win her wounded, doubting heart, and persuade her to not only believe in him, but in Christmas.

Want to know how I came up with my heroine’s and hero’s names? Well, his mom loves Christmas so she named her first son Nicholas, after St. Nick. (Her second son is Kris, after Kris Kringle.) As for my heroine, the woman I know who absolutely adores Christmas and does it with style is named Judy – Jude for short. When I think of the name Jude, I also think of the Beatles song, “Hey Jude.” And when the words played in my head, about letting someone into your heart, then things will get better, I knew Jude was the perfect name for my wounded heroine.

“Unwrap Me” is a story about hope and trust and love – in other words, about the essence of the Christmas spirit. (Or, whatever religious or non-religious special, loving occasion you might choose to celebrate in December <g>.) It is also, of course, very sexy and lots of fun! A perfect treat for your holiday stocking.

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