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Warning: This excerpt contains adult content. 18 and over only, please.


Jude stopped breathing. This was the moment the evening had been leading up to. It was her move, her decision. Fear brushed her, making her shiver. The last man she’d kissed was her ex, Don. The fiancé who’d dumped her.

But this was different. Neither she nor Nick wanted a serious relationship, so there was no danger he’d commit to her then betray her. All he was asking for was a kiss.
She shoved aside the fear and leaned into him, smelling the richness of red wine, meeting his lips with hers.

A first kiss was always a test. A delicate exploration and negotiation. Who are you, what do you taste like, what feels good for you, what’s your style as a kisser? And, most importantly, what feelings do you arouse in me? And vice versa.

An entire future hung in a first kiss. It could be lost or created in those seconds.

This kiss definitely created a future. It was amazing.

First his lips brushed hers as softly and lightly as a butterfly’s wings, then they came back, a little more firmly. Eagerly she pressed against them, trying to hold him in place. But he moved again, sucking her bottom lip between his, darting his tongue against the burning flesh.

She licked out, running her tongue over his top lip, tracing its full curves.

He nipped gently then settled his mouth fully against hers. His hand slipped through her hair to caress the back of her head. Running up and down through the roots of her thick hair, he circled in a motion that was almost massage. Soothing and arousing at the same time.

Leaning close, she put her hands on his shoulders, feeling the heated strength of his muscles through the flannel of his red shirt. At work, the men she met were white collar. If they had muscles at all, they’d been built in a gym. Nick’s were the real thing. These were shoulders that carried people out of burning buildings.




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A sexy thought. A sexy man.

Now his tongue was in her mouth, invading and caressing in a leisurely, seductive way that hardened her nipples and dampened her panties.

It might have been a long time since she’d had sex, but her body definitely remembered. It was ripe and aching to be given. To be taken.

Nick was gorgeous and sexy and nice. Why should she hold back?

Hungrily she tried to press against him, but it was too awkward with her legs curled up on the couch.

He made an impatient sound then tore his mouth from hers. “There’s a better way.”

In a moment he’d grabbed her by the hips and then they were lying side by side on the couch. Their bodies adjusted to each other in a series of small movements until all the pieces were interlocked just right. “Mmm, feels good,” she murmured. Yes, she remembered what this was like.

Except, Nick’s body was harder and stronger than any she’d ever cuddled against, and the fit was even better. He was so overwhelmingly male and his kiss, the touch of his hand as he cupped a breast through her T-shirt, were sure. But gentle, too. Caressing. Seductive. Making her want to give him everything he asked for. And more.

Impatiently she hooked her fingers in the hem of her shirt and struggled to pull it up her body. His hands took over, skimming the garment over her head. Her undies were at-home ones, plain cotton in a tan color that almost matched her skin. No silk or lace, yet his eyes glittered with heat as he ran a finger along the top edge of her bra. “Man, you’re gorgeous, Jude.”