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“Fox takes readers on a wild train ride where passions flare and identities are mistaken in this emotionally compelling, sexy contemporary romance.”

– Publishers Weekly

“Fox (aka Susan Lyons) creates a charming story with surprising character depth when she sends two best friends on a cross-Canada train trip in the second installment of her Wild Ride to Love series. She seamlessly weaves the story around the gentle reminder that burgeoning sexuality can cause people to re-evaluate their lives and unlock secrets that sometimes they don't even know they have.”

– Whitney Kate Sullivan, RT Book Reviews

“Susan Fox did it again! In Love, Unexpectedly, she takes us on an exhilarating ride on the train of love. Her compelling love stories will tug at your heartstrings and make you root for an HEA for the characters.”

– Shana, Raving Readers

“Susan Fox (aka Susan Lyons) tells such a creative love story. Kat and Nav have been "just" best friends, though both have more than just friends feelings. Kat has to go home and invites Nav to go with her. Nav plans his disguises and takes a chance on love and Kat. It's a great story that has all the components of a love story. Along with the love story there is an underlying tension between Kat's family members. Throughout the story the tension and rifts between the sisters and mom are slowly worked out. The switch from friends to lovers is a hard change and Ms. Fox makes that change believable and really sweet. Besides who wouldn't want to have hot passionate sex on a train? Kudos to Ms. Lyons for a great love story.”

– Jennifer, You Gotta Read Reviews

“The romance is tender and sweet, lavish with genuine emotion and sprinkled with humor. The characters are real and lovable, and the exhilaration of long-distance travel adds to the thrill of the ride. Enjoy the seductive scenery, page after mesmerizing page.”

 – Sandra Van Winkle, ReaderToReader

“Sexy hijinks are in store for readers as Kat and Nav discover each other and prove that friends can turn into lovers. Don’t pass up on this story of love found in the most unexpected of places—on a train. Pick up LOVE, UNEXPECTEDLY today from your nearest bookstore.”

– Holly Tibbs, RRT Erotic

“With Love Unexpectedly Susan Fox took me on an emotional rollercoaster ride, with amazingly well rounded characters, intriguing dialogues and seductive passion; she kept me on the edge of my seat!”

– Marissa, Realms on Our Bookshelves

“LOVE, UNEXPECTEDLY is a thrilling joyride of a novel that drives home the idea that sometimes love really is much closer than you believe.  … Ms. Fox tells Nav and Kat’s story with much compassio­n, humor and heat.  After all, is there anything sexier than a man willing to pursue a woman on a train across Canada while playing ‘stranger games’ just to get her attention.”

– Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies

“LOVE UNEXPECTEDLY is definite a keeper and I promise you that you will enjoy!

– Danny, Loves Romances and More



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Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence (best contemporary romance)Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence (best contemporary romance)

Wisconsin RWA Write Touch

Book Buyers Best

Finalist in:

Ancient City Romance Authors Heart of Excellence Readers Choice Award (2nd place)

The Heart of Excellence Readers' Choice Award (2nd place)

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“Susan Fox stirs the imagination with this enchantingly steamy romance of friends becoming lovers… Susan Fox creates beloved characters for her scorching romances. The stories are about love, family and life where realistic scenarios take place and the dialogue is engrossing. Credible feelings are expressed in such a true-to-life manner that you come to believe the featured characters could actually exist. The premise behind the Wild Ride to Love series about traveling sisters is notable, and Ms. Fox skillfully parallels the first two books as events perfectly coincide. …  I felt as though I knew this couple intimately, as any personal sentiments are so compellingly conveyed. LOVE, UNEXPECTEDLY is about an adventurous escapade where fervent passions abound and outcomes are often amazingly heartfelt.”

– Amelia, Sensual Reads

“Ms. Fox did an amazing job at pulling at the heartstrings in this one.”

– Cecile Smith


“I love the pure romance in this story of sexy seduction. More specifically, the fact that Nav is a real person with real insecurities which make me like him even more. Kat is the perfect modern woman who needs Nav - she just doesn’t know it yet. When you want a sweet romance about friends who become lovers, you want Love Unexpectedly.”

–Tina, Two Lips Reviews

“This is an enjoyable train ride across Canada as the lead couple begins to understand their feelings especially love and fear. Kat may seem like the one with all the commitment issues, but Nav and readers realize as he poses as "strangers" he has a major problem to confront also. With a throwback feel to the madcap romantic comedies of the 1930s, fans will appreciate Susan Fox's fine character driven tale of Love, Unexpectedly.”

– Harriet Klausner

“I highly recommend LOVE, UNEXPECTEDLY because that is exactly what the readers get, an unexpected love story.”

– Monica, The Romance Readers Connection