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Love, Unexpectedly




Naveen Bharani is in love with his neighbor, Kat Fallon, but she’s stuck him in the buddy trap.

Kat has a disastrous history with men: she’s always picking losers and having nasty break-ups. No way will she risk her friendship with Nav. He’s the best friend she’s ever had and, though she’s attracted to him, she can’t risk losing him.

When she tells him she’s traveling home from Montreal by train for her baby sister’s wedding, the desperate Nav sees this as his last chance. He’s going all out in pursuit of the woman of his dreams.

Nav decides to revamp his image and play “stranger on the train.” He’s determined to seduce Kat into seeing him in a whole new light, and realizing he’s the man of her dreams.

Their journey across Canada by train—as best friends playing the “stranger game”—is truly one wild ride to love. 

The Wild Ride to Love Series
1. Sex Drive (planes)
2. Love, Unexpectedly (trains)
3. His, Unexpectedly (automobiles)
4. Yours, Unexpectedly (a cruise ship)

Go along for the ride with Susan’s sexy “planes, trains, automobiles, and a cruise ship” series, as three sisters travel home to their baby sister’s wedding. Along the way, they find romances of their own—and learn that the journey to love truly is one wild ride!

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