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Stand by Your Man



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"STAND BY YOUR MAN is both tender and emotional, with the sensuality cranking up the heat and is a great addition to the series. Jamal has to come to terms with his past, and readers can only hope Karen will be the one who helps him. A superb contemporary romance that is recommended for anyone who loves a spicy romance and a heroine unafraid to stand by her man.”

– Patti Fischer, Romance Reviews Today


"There is a very powerful message in the fourth book of the Caribou Crossing series, and it proves the choices two people often have to make must be life changing or neither may ever find happiness. Susan Fox skillfully tosses in several problems that cause hurdles to arise in a budding relationship. What decisions the couple ultimately makes are dramatically played out with much emotion and frankly honest conversations. The realism in STAND BY YOUR MAN is profoundly affecting…STAND BY YOUR MAN is filled with sincere emotions and very appealing characters. Susan Fox knows how to write stirring romances. "

– Amelia Richard, Single Titles



"Stand by Your Man is a good story about a small town, and the problems of policing, plus the perils of being undercover in drug operations. I liked both of the characters, and the town. I gather there are other stories, but all stand alone, so no cliffhanger endings here. I think you will like this look at rural cop life and love."

– Alberta, Manic Readers

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