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Private Eyes in Some Like It Rough



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“Susan Lyons has a way of telling a story that has you enraptured...
I love how these three authors came together to tell their stories. Each story gave us a different voice to the novel. The sex scenes were amazing, sensual, and so erotic I wondered if my fingertips were going to be singed. Another great book to keep on my shelves for many years to come.”

– Danielle, Coffee Time Romance & More

“Steamy sensuality abounds in every fascinating story featured in SOME LIKE IT ROUGH. Each of the three stories in this erotically notable book grabs you physically plus emotionally. Yes, each tale rouses your own passionate feelings, but your mind will be just as caught up in the compelling storylines surrounding the spirited characters and their diverse lives. Kate Pearce, Susan Lyons and Anne Rainey know what erotic readers want and they superbly deliver during every rousing scenario. SOME LIKE IT ROUGH is emotionally rewarding and totally gratifying.”

– Amelia Richards, Sensual Reads


“If you want a collection of stories guaranteed to make you reach out and snag your snuggle partner for some red-hot loving, then this is the collection for you. I give Some Like It Rough 5 cherries.”

– Tiger Lily, Whipped Cream

"Each tale stands alone, but each one brings together some terrific writing from three outstanding authors. By the time I finished SOME LIKE IT ROUGH, I knew it richly deserved a Perfect 10 and would go on my keeper shelf. If you are looking for a sizzling read that is time well spent, then pick up SOME LIKE IT ROUGH."

– Holly Tibbs, Romance Reviews Today




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Best Anthology of 2010 Romance Reviews Today

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“In Private Eyes by Susan Lyons, Hayley Croft offers to use her dancing skills to go undercover. Hayleys first undercover assignment will test her limits, however, as she will have to perform as an exotic dancer. Will she also catch the eye of sexy private investigator, Ry Montana, in the process? SOME LIKE IT ROUGH offers readers three superb and very steamy stories. Each author provides their own unique twist as every story hits the mark perfectly. SOME LIKE IT ROUGH is a must-have for erotica fans who like their stories a little on the wild side.”

– Anne, kwipsandkritiques

Some Like it Rough is out of this world, mind blowing erotica that will have you seeing stars! These three ladies know how to do things up right! Truly decadent.

– Deb, Dark Divas (a recommended read)