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Sex Drive




Prof. Theresa Fallon’s ex-husband gave her good reason to swear off men. But when, on the long flight from Sydney, Australia, to Vancouver, BC, she’s seated beside one of Australia’s ten sexiest bachelors, she has reason to question that decision.

Thriller writer Damien Black is very attracted to the sexy but standoffish professor, and it’s a challenge to persuade her to enjoy his special brand of in-flight entertainment.

From there, it’s not all that big a step to enjoying a stopover together in Honolulu. Not to mention, a little sex on Waikiki Beach!

To the prof’s surprise, her sex drive hasn’t disappeared. It was only waiting for the right man to awaken it, and Damien is definitely that man. And the same very well might go for her heart…

For the cynical Theresa and the far-too-experienced Damien, this journey is a special one. To their mutual surprise, they’re on a wild ride to love!


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Sex Drive

Sex Drive is Cosmopolitans Red Hot Read for May 2010! Read the original scene that Cosmo excerpted. Warning: This excerpt contains adult content. 18 and over only, please.


The Wild Ride to Love Series
1. Sex Drive (planes)
2. Love, Unexpectedly (trains)
3. His, Unexpectedly (automobiles)
4. Yours, Unexpectedly (a cruise ship)

Go along for the ride with Susan’s sexy “planes, trains, automobiles, and a cruise ship” series, as three sisters travel home to their baby sister’s wedding. Along the way, they find romances of their own—and learn that the journey to love truly is one wild ride!

Read about how the series came into existence.


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