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She's On Top




  • Laurel Wreath, 2nd place
  • Published Beacon, 2nd place
  • Aspen Gold Readers' Choice Award for Best Erotic Romance
  • Golden Quill for Best Erotic Romance

Finalist in:

  • The Maggies
  • Best Book of the Year (Contemporary Romance), The Romance Studio


Here's what reviewers say about She's On Top

A 4 1/2 star TOP PICK from RT BOOKreviews!

"Many readers will be able to see parts of themselves in quirky but incredibly intelligent and realistic Rina. Also, women will wish for a man like sexy, intense and fun-loving Giancarlo. Full of internal conflict, good friends and delicious sensuality, this book is hard to put down.”

– Bella March, Romantic Times BOOKreviews

"Susan Lyons has scored herself a hat trick plus one with the Awesome Foursome series as SHE’S ON TOP is once again a recommended read for lovers of erotic romance and earns a La Grande Mort award from RRT Erotic. This sizzling tale features characters that will make you feel like they are your friends, and deals with a couple striving to make a relationship work. Rina’s attempt to hide her body from her lover is all too real, while her doubts for their future are indeed what makes her and Giancarlo grow.”

– Holly Tibbs, Romance Reviews Today

"Ms. Lyons did it again. I was riveted from beginning to end. I love everything about this series and I’m very sad that this is the end for the Fearless Foursome. I’m very glad things worked out for all involved, but it’s like letting go of your best friends. SHE’S ON TOP is a wonderful completion and wraps up everything nice and tidy. We finally get Rina’s story, who’s always been my favorite character. I can completely relate to the weight issues Rina has, which endears her to me even more. I know how hard it is to believe that a gorgeous man could want a bigger woman. Giancarlo is any woman’s dream. He's sexy, suave, compassionate and above all, he’s sincere. Rina and Giancarlo are a match made in Heaven and no other couple deserves a happily ever after more. Ms. Lyons did an amazing job interweaving the characters, the storyline and the smoking sex scenes, leaving this reader hot and bothered long after finishing. Ms. Lyons is one of my all time favorite erotica authors and each story just gets better and better. I have to say, she’s certainly going out with a bang on this series!”

– Amanda Haffery, Romance Junkies

"I was completely blown away with the subjects the author dealt with and how she slowly built Rina’s confidence in herself. The parallel between Rina’s self-esteem and so many young girls in society today was so true. If only these girls could find their very own Giancarlo to convince them that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. I loved Giancarlo’s tenderness towards Rina and his respect for her musical abilities. The story is a great romance with true friendship and enough sensuality thrown in to make for a great read. It touched so many emotions and the end found me with a huge sappy grin on my face. Everybody should be so lucky as to have an Awesome Foursome group to rely on! I was saddened to realize this would be the last book in the series, and hope one day Ms. Lyons can write a reunion story for all four couples. By the way, this story does stand alone if you haven’t read the first three in the series, but I am confident you will go out and find them once this one is read.”

– Lisa Freeman, The Romance Studio

“She’s on Top is classic romance with a huge dose of erotic love thrown in! Rina as a woman who is voluptuous rather than skinny is oh so easy to relate to... I loved how the author used Giancarlo to teach Rina that she was beautiful no matter what her size. This made this book very enjoyable. I also really liked the theme of first love getting a second chance because after all who does not remember their first love, and who among us has not wondered what it would be like if given a second chance? Ms. Lyons took that question we all have and ran with it, coming up with a first rate scenario for this book. The lovemaking scenes are excellent in that they are realistic and tasteful. You could not ask for a better romance, and I highly recommend it!”

– Regina, Coffee Time Romance

“Susan Lyons has done it again! Not to disappoint, “She’s on top” starts out on a high note and flows seamlessly through to the end. This book has it all, from sexy and steamy to funny and flirtatious. You will LOVE “She’s on top” from cover to cover. A definite page-turner and hard to put down! I highly recommend, “She’s on top” without reserve. Pick it up; you’ll be glad you did!”

– Star, Night Owl Romance

“This is my first time reading Susan Lyons’ novels, but once I started this series, I was immediately hooked on her wonderful way of depicting erotic and very real love stories... This is a keeper that I highly recommend.”

– Priscilla Petty, Night Owl Romance

“She’s On Top is a must read for any woman with body type issues. Giancarlo is one of the sexiest heroes I’ve read in a while, but that might be my prejudice towards Italian speaking heroes. Rina has the doubts and fears of every woman: not skinny enough, not outgoing enough, and baggage from well meaning parents. Giancarlo’s pazienza – patience – with Rina’s doubts and fears is just what she needs to come out of her shell. The book is one hot, sexy, and satisfying read.”

– Stephanie, Simply Romance Reviews (an Outstanding Read!)


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"Recommended Read. You’ll need three things when you read this book: a box of tissues, a fan and uninterrupted time. Ms. Lyons’s latest book had me overheating one minute, and then crying the next. Giancarlo is one of the sexiest leading men to come around in a long time.

"She’s On Top is a fantastic blend of emotions and hot, imaginative sex. It is a stupendous end to the Awesome Foursome series, and makes me wish Susan Lyons had named the series the Stupendous Six, or the Elegant Eight so there could be more books to read. I’m going to miss the Foursome and their journeys to find the men in their lives.”

– Amelia, Joyfully Reviewed

"What a story and what a man in Giancarlo! Susan Lyons has written the ultimate fantasy. I applaud her writing a luscious and sexy romance between a remarkable man and his love for a woman who he thinks is ideal. Woman on Top is sexy, funny and so enjoyable to read. Rina is a woman after my own heart, in that she wants true love and passion and not settling for less. Giancarlo is simply too good to be true, but in this case I am not complaining. Susan Lyons has ended her Awesome Foursome series on a high note and should not be missed!”

– Kate, Coffee Time Romance

"Rina is every woman who has body image issues; she suffers with the same insecurities that many of us do. She is a true to life heroine who most women will be able to relate to. She is warm and caring, honest and loyal and an extremely gifted musician. I am enamored of Giancarlo as he shows Rina in word and deed just how beautiful she really is. The chemistry is explosive and so obvious it is a wonder they have stayed apart for so long. Susan Lyons presents a well crafted story to lovers of romance dealing with societal issues, internal struggles and the human spirit overcoming adversity. Lyons draws readers into a lush and sensual tale that is not so much about the sex, though the love scenes are sultry, but She’s On Top is all about the romance between Rina and Giancarlo. If you have not read anything by Susan Lyons to date, you have to read this one. Once you do, I am certain you will want to read everything this talented author has written.”

– Lettetia Elsasser, Single Titles

"Rina and Giancarlo are fascinating characters who draw the readers into the story and you will feel with them when they have to overcome their difficulties. Each of the Awesome Foursome books is a real keeper and SHE’S ON TOP is no exception. The book is funny, sexy and very romantic.”

– Danny, Loves Romances and More

"Readers will resonate with Rina--with her body image issues and her desire to have something more than a humdrum, good enough life. The foursome, themselves, continue to provide both wise advice and the kind of emotional support every woman needs as Rina attempts to make the right decisions about her life ... Lyons’s writing is engaging, drawing the reader in, making us care about Rina. Fans of this series will be happy to see how the other members of the foursome are coming with their own relationships, and readers who enjoy a sizzlingly hot story won’t want to put this one down.”

– BooksForABuck

"The four books in this series are a real treat. They all are very hot and each awesome foursome and their loves have great and very unique stories. MS. LYONS has done an excellent job in pairing up couples that are unconventional and on the surface quite opposite, yet she was able to make the match work believably and so erotically. In addition to the characters finding their way to each other, they also overcome some very serious inner struggles and learned how important compromise is. The take home message from this series is that love can help overcome many obstacles, yet the only way to move on and for the better is by accepting one’s self and understanding one’s self worth then and only then can happiness and true love find root. Rina’s story mirrors the underlying messages in this entire series and does so passionately and with great heart.”

– Marina, Cupid’s Library

"SHE’S ON TOP by Susan Lyons is the last book in the Awesome Foursome series and a terrific ending to a great series. . . The leisurely pace that Ms. Lyons sets with this book combined with the intriguing, fleshed-out characters make this a great 5 Angel read.”

– Tammy, Fallen Angel Reviews

“Ms. Lyons winds up her series with the same friendship, love and laughter her characters have shared all along. This is an engaging tale with all of the passion and magical wonder that falling in love can bring.”

– Kimberly Swan, Reader to Reader

“Rina is fabulous as she is encouraged by the magic of love that has touched her pals Suzanne and Anne so she hopes to make music with the one she never forgot. Giancarlo is her equal when it comes to passion, intensity, intelligence, talent, and love. However will they be able make their relationship permanent or wait another decade as each has issues to overcome. Susan Lyons provides an awesome British Columbia second chance at love romance.”

– Harriet Klausner

“Though part of a series, it is charming and complete without the benefit of the other three. You do get to meet the other women in this installment, however, and there is plenty of teasing about their own loving liaisons that convinces me I have to pick up the other three.”

– Camomile, Whipped Cream