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"Fox knows how to strike just enough sway between sweet and bitter, homespun and steamy, to sustain a reader’s interest in her fourth novel set in the small town of Caribou Crossing, British Columbia (after Gentle on My Mind). This time around, local hotelier, “nicest guy in town,” and confirmed immovable object Dave Cousins encounters wanderer Cassidy Esperanza, who has no money, no job, and no prospects. From the day she faints in the lobby of Dave’s Wild Rose Inn, Cassidy has a place in the innkeeper’s heart. Dave’s wife, Anita, succumbed to cancer, and he’s sure he’ll never love again, but he can’t resist Cassidy’s joie de vivre. When the girl with the Canada goose tattoo is forced into a reckoning about some serious issues, the couple’s wild, noncommittal fling faces a now-or-never assessment. It’s a sweet story, well told, with credible characters about bitter pills.”

– Publishers Weekly


"Fox’s latest returns to the quaint town of Caribou Crossing where love blossoms. Heartwarming and humorous, her strong storytelling will draw readers in. A fascinating heroine in Cassidy, a genuine hero in Dave and the colorful townspeople will keep readers invested.”

– Melanie Bates, RT BookReviews


"Love Me Tender resonated with me because of the theme of love being stronger than illness and death.... It’s a lovely love story, with a hero’s journey I very much enjoyed... I think you’ll love this [Caribou Crossing Romance], too.”

– Alberta, Manic Readers


"Grab a hankie and fall in love with Susan Fox’s LOVE ME TENDER as Cassidy and Dave walk an emotional journey to their happily-ever-after.”

– Patti Fischer, Romance Reviews Today


"Realistic characters experience the joys and heartache of life… Susan Fox gives her Caribou Crossing characters many dramatic predicaments to overcome, where each moment is certainly conceivable because of its lifelike details. The dilemmas in LOVE ME TENDER are especially moving because of the large number of people often affected. How each individual reacted to the problems either they or someone they cared about are facing is often depicted with much intensity, as feelings are frequently near the surface.”

– Amelia Richard, Single Titles

"Love Me Tender is a very well written novel with a little bit of heat though focusing more on the romance and the day to day problems of keeping secrets and learning to live through the pain of loss, all kinds of loss including trust. If you are into something a little more heady with some romance and happiness thrown in Love Me Tender is the book for you.”

– Harlequin Junkie

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