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Hot In Here




More Than Magic Award for Best Erotic Romance

Finalist in:

  • Lories, 3rd place
  • Write Touch: Readers’ Award , 3rd place (tie with Champagne Rules)
  • Golden Quill


Here's what reviewers say about Hot In Here

“Ms. Lyons follows up Champagne Rules with another exceptionally sizzling story. Exquisitely written, Hot in Here is a fantastic tale of a woman pulled between her family and her heart. This story goes from a spark to an inferno in a matter of pages, and all the while your fingers are being singed, you are being entertained with clever dialogue, tender moments, and some very spicy love scenes.”

Wateena, Coffee Time Romance

“From the slow and sensual to the hot and hard – even touching on the wild and weird –Lyons turns common fantasies into excellent and satisfying reading. Her book is wildly passionate and graphic.”

Jennifer Madsen, Romantic Times Book Reviews  

“Hot In Here by Susan Lyons is the second part of her series featuring four friends who share their exploits as well as have a good time every Monday night, that started with Champagne Rules. Ms Lyons does a great job showing the conflict that Jenny has between her upbringing and her own personal views. Hot In Here is a fun, sexy, erotic read that will have you needing a cold shower.”

– Barb Hicks, The Best Reviews  

“Following the precedent set by Champagne Rules, Hot in Here is full of hotly erotic scenes and beautifully emotional bonding. The awesome foursome is back again to give support and encouragement to each other as they journey towards friendship and love with the men they thought were good for nothing but sex. Susan Lyons just gets better so I know I'm not the only one who will be eager to read more of this fabulous authors work. I will definitely be looking forward to Anne and Rina's stories as well as their fabulously erotic men.”

Megan, Megans Romance Reviews

“Author Susan Lyons continues her charming series with a novel that probes issues of prejudice and family at the same time as it delivers a super-sexy storyline.”

– Books For a Buck

“…a torrid contemporary romance starring two delightful individuals with family pressure bringing a key other side to them. The story line may occur in British Columbia, but is equatorial hot as the lead couple finds love amidst achieving their sexual fantasies.”

– Harriet Klausner

“Scott and Jenny burn the pages up with their uninhibited and wild antics. This book is both well written and truly touching as it deals with the issue of cultural differences and family expectations, as well as the underlining truth that trust is the necessary ingredient in lasting love. I loved this book.”

– Cyn, TwoLips Reviews  

“Hot is an understatement for this story, its so steamy hot that you have to worry that the pages will ignite As in the prequel Champagne Rules, Ms. Lyons main characters come from different cultural backgrounds. The reader learns the difficulties of being a young Chinese woman in the Western world and how difficult it is to build a bridge between their new home and their culture. This reviewer has to congratulate Ms. Lyons about the way she brings this problem into the spotlight and how subtle she interweaves the message ‘To be more open-minded toward the unknown’ into the story.”

– Danny, Loves Romances & More  

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Cover of the new book "Champagne Rules" - a black man and a white woman kiss in deep wine-coloured light



"Susan Lyons has done it again! HOT IN HERE is full of the same heat and richly detailed interaction between the characters that one has come to expect from this author. The Awesome Foursome are back and, as usual, these gals are after some hot, no-strings sex. If you like the gals from 'Sex and the City', you will love the Awesome Foursome. The sex scenes are hotter than a fireworks finale on the fourth of July and left me needing more than one cold shower.

“Jenny is sure to become a favorite with readers. The way she is torn between what she wants from life and what her traditional Chinese parents expect of her will strike a chord with many readers. Ms. Lyons does a masterful job of conveying the "forbidden" feelings that Jenny has to deal with when she falls in love with Scott. Scott is a truly yummy guy who starts out wanting a good time, but Jenny quickly touches his heart. He is one of the few heroes that I would love to…mmm…get to know in person.

“The sex scenes are graphic, sexy, and inspiring; however, it is the multilayered characters and their vibrant emotional impact on the story that earns HOT IN HERE a Perfect 10! HOT IN HERE definitely gets a place on my keeper shelf. You won't want to miss this one."

– Vicki Turner, Romance Reviews Today  

“Three words describe Hot in Here: hot, hot hot! The title says it all. As a card-carrying member of the tradition bound South, I was sympathetic to Jennys situation and family loyalty, and Scott was definitely worth breaking all the rules for! Did I mention hot? If youre a fan of scorching romance, this book is for you! ”

Loribelle Hunt, Romance Divas  

“Combining sizzling hot sex and real emotional depth, Susan Lyons has penned another winner!... As with her previous release, Champagne Rules, Ms. Lyons captures real modern women in extraordinarily sexy situations… A fun story that rings true, Hot in Here is a fabulous erotic read!

– Cheryl, Joyfully Reviewed  

“Susan Lyons has created an awesome tale of two people from different backgrounds finding a way to make it work.”

– Angel, Romance Junkies  

“Susan Lyons creates a fascinating conflict... The lies that Jenny is forced to tell in order to straddle the line between being a good and respectful daughter and a Western woman caused her no end of trouble. Ethically, lying is wrong, but you can really understand why she acts the way she does. She really was a firecracker and it was a lot of fun to peek into her fantasy life, and I found myself waiting eagerly to see what she would come up with next. Scott was a fascinating blend of eager-to-please and take control. He really tried to do right by her and had every right to react to the obstacles that encroached on their relationship the way that he did. I applaud Ms. Lyons for tackling an aspect of society that isn't often dealt with in fiction.”

- Serena, Fallen Angel Reviews  

“I cant wait to read all the remaining books in the series. The characters in Ms. Lyons story are full, rich, fascinating people. Any of them could carry a stand-alone story by themselves. Combined, they are a readers delight. I recommend this book to everyone.”

– Ellen, The Romance Studio