Cover of the new erotic book "Champagne Rules" - a man and a women entwined on a red cover

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I already knew Jenny, from Champagne Rules. I knew she was Chinese-Canadian and had two lives: good Chinese daughter at home; outside the house, a thoroughly modern Western woman who pushes the envelope. I knew she’d meet a guy who would challenge her ability to maintain those separate lives. But who was he?

It was gal-pals of my own who pointed me in the direction of firefighters. And when you say the word “firefighter”, what springs to mind? For a lot of us females, calendar! And how about a calendar competition? Wouldn’t you want to go home with the winner? And so Jenny begins a steamy secret romance with Mr. February.

Why are theirs the Fantasy Rules? Jenny has identity issues — and where better to escape them than by playing out her and Scott’s wildest fantasies? After all, he’s not a parent-approved Chinese boy, so it’s not like she’d ever have a real relationship with him. Right?

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Cover of the new book "Champagne Rules" - a black man and a white woman kiss in deep wine-coloured light


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