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The Firefighters is a must have collection for fans of erotic romance. Each story is scorching hot and spell binding in their own rights but put them together and it is practically jumping off the shelf screaming buy me!

– Debbie H, Gotta Write Network

Each story in this anthology has appealing, hunky men and fiercely independent women.... a lovely novel with enjoyable characters that will keep readers entertained.

– Keitha Hart, Romantic Times Book Reviews

This story gave me a lot of pleasure. It is fast-paced without any lags. The secondary characters are endearing, serving to keep things moving and supply needed background information important to the story line. The main characters are especially well developed, causing me to fall in love with them. Tash is very staid and respectable, despite her youth, but here in Oz, with Mick, she doesn’t recognize herself. Mick is a considerate and inventive lover giving Tash a whole new outlook on sex and the world around her, reinforcing the point Nana has been trying to show to her. Though the family views Nana as impulsive, a regrettable and unforgivable crime, she simply loves life and follows her heart. Watching Tash get to know Nana as a beautiful, passionate and wonderfully alive woman and grow to be spontaneous with difficult choices of her own was a delightful journey for this reader even without the mind-blowing sex. The plentiful and stimulating sex is icing on the cover of a fantastic read.

– Karen Haas, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

The Firefighter is a really steaming hot anthology and all three stories are terrific! Each of them are not only connected by the fact that each of them has a fire-fighter as the hero, but also that each of them is a story of homecoming and the finding of hot love. So if you are a fan of hunky fire-fighters you really have to get this book!

– Danny, Loves Romances & More

The three authors have a wonderful style for writing stories about new love. Each story is independent, upbeat and heart-stopping... I recommend this trilogy to all!

– Brenda Talley, The Romance Studio 

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  • The Lories, 2nd place
  • Passionate Plume 3rd place
  • Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence, finalist
  • CAPA Award (Erotic Anthology), The Romance Studio
  • Golden Quill



“As usual, Ms. Lyons’ pen is sizzling. This is a hot little tale about letting loose, steamy sex, and following your heart. After a fire destroys her lodgings and possessions Tash embraces her passionate side…and the sexy firefighter who came to her rescue. They are wonderfully written characters guaranteed to draw you in. A must read!”

– Loribelle Hunt, Romance Divas

“HOT DOWN UNDER is pure, steamy seduction from start to finish! THE FIREFIGHTER is the kind of anthology that will satisfy your craving for a delicious man in uniform. These heroes are raw and sexy and the women are determined and vivacious. These three authors have penned a climactic and unforgettable collection.”

– Sarah, Romance Junkies  

“Extraordinarily hot. A definite five alarm. This one anthology is smoking. Exciting, entertaining, and very hot, each of these tales compliments the other. Each story has fascinating characters, exciting plots, and hot steamy sex scenes. Creatively written, this anthology gives you everything you want in your stories and more. From brooding hot heroes to somewhat clumsy heroines, you will find each story has something to give. An absolute must read. What woman would not like her own fireman?”

— Wateena, Coffee Time Romances  

“Whew! Ladies get out the fire extinguishers, slap on those asbestos gloves and get ready to feel the heat, from your head down to your toes, when you open up THE FIREFIGHTER. I just love a sexy man in uniform don't you? Here you’ll get three gorgeous men, three beautiful ladies who keep them on their toes, and a lot of really steamy sex sure to make you sweat.”

— Sinclair Reid, Romance Reviews Today

“Ms. Lyons is a favorite of mine and her stories never fail to hit me right where she intends. She warms my heart and always - always - kick starts my libido with her sensuously heartwarming tales. This one is no exception.

This anthology will leave you craving a man with a long, powerful hose to put out your fire. These three authors are all skilled at making the reader sizzle and sigh. There is nothing better on a cold day than a hot romance to warm you, body and soul. These three stories deliver, in a most enjoyable way.

— Thia McClain, Romance Readers Connection