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Holiday In Your Heart



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"The good news is that Fox has gifted her readers with another Christmas installment in her popular Caribou Crossing contemporary series. The bad news is that the series ends with this volume, adding extra poignancy to this romantic tale of love and second chances. Fox imparts a visceral feel to moment when Mo Kincaid asks the bus driver to let him off outside of town. The man left Caribou Crossing on foot nearly 20 years ago and is determined to return likewise. November’s chilly Canadian winds suit him just fine, as he’s not expecting a warm welcome. To his surprise, he meets a dog and a woman who are willing to give him a chance, though he thinks it’s only because they have no idea what a jerk he was in the past. Maribeth Scott, a 39-year-old who’s been shopping online for sperm donors, and Caruso, a homeless dog, both take Mo at face value and grease the wheels of the redemption he seeks from the ex-wife and son he failed so spectacularly. Fox knows just how to spin a sweet (and slightly spicy) romance with plenty of heartstring tugging and Christmas cheer.”

– Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW


"With flawed yet endearing characters, Fox brings us back to the Canadian town of Caribou Crossing in her latest. Mo is battle-tested and appealing in his vulnerability as he compliments Maribeth’s strength and determination. The tender, raw, yet heartfelt friendship and love that blooms between Mo and Maribeth is the highlight of this well-structured plot. Add Fox’s genuine, honest storytelling, and readers will be left with a story that shines bright with hope and touches their hearts.”

– Melanie Bates, RT Book Reviews


"Good work Ms Fox & I hope to start reading another good series like this one soon.”

– 5 stars from Alberta, Manic Readers


"Fox has “a great talent for delivering delightful reads full of friends & family, a little steam and a whole lotta heart, great characters and straightforward, emotion driven stories.””

– Romantic Reads and Such


"Whenever I get the chance to read about the folks who live in Caribou Crossing, it feels like I am visiting with some longtime friends... With Christmas festivities taking place and holiday music often playing, the story repeatedly has a cheerful atmosphere. But like circumstances in the lives of actual people, there are also instances where my eyes got misty because a scene had such an emotional impact on me.”

– Amelia Richard, Always Reviewing


"This holiday romance is a winner. The healing power of love and the two earnest main characters make for a romance to savor.”

– Steph, Bookaholics Romance Book Club


" It’s a perfect Christmas story full of love, laughter, family and so much more.”

– Terri, Night Owl Reviews, a Top Pick


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“A beautiful and emotional tale that is a fit ending to the Caribou Crossing series, HOLIDAY IN YOUR HEART is one that I highly recommend. I love the way Ms. Fox shows the changes in the characters and how it has made each of them a better person... Snuggle up with HOLIDAY IN YOUR HEART and you’ll find yourself with a feel good romance that well deserves a Perfect 10 from Romance Reviews Today.”

– Patti Fischer, Romance Reviews Today