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His, Unexpectedly



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Jenna Fallon avoids commitment of any sort and prides herself on being a free spirit. So when her car breaks down en route from California to Vancouver, what could be more fun than to hitch a ride with a sexy stranger? She'll show him one wild road trip.

Globe-trotting marine biologist Mark Chambers sure isn't about to say no. Jenna bewitches and bedazzles him as they make their way up the Pacific Coast, camping, skinny dipping, and having scorching hot sex. But she bothers him, too. For the first time in his life, he wants commitment – and it's with a woman who shuns the concept.

Can Jenna overcome deep-seated insecurity and believe what her heart tells her – that this wild ride has an unexpected and very special destination: love?

The Wild Ride to Love Series
1. Sex Drive (planes)
2. Love, Unexpectedly (trains)
3. His, Unexpectedly (automobiles)
4. Yours, Unexpectedly (a cruise ship)

Go along for the ride with Susan’s sexy “planes, trains, automobiles, and a cruise ship” series, as three sisters travel home to their baby sister’s wedding. Along the way, they find romances of their own—and learn that the journey to love truly is one wild ride!

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