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Ring of Fire



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HOLT Award of Merit Finalist


" Fox’s fifth Caribou Crossing novel, set in British Columbia, proves again that she knows what women want in a contemporary romance. When Fire Chief Lark Cantrell—tough, sexy, six feet tall, and divorced—has to rescue “mouthwateringly hot” Canadian Armed Forces Major Eric Weaver out of his burning rented farm house, her action sets off a physical passion that shakes them both. Eric is a recent amputee due to injuries sustained in Afghanistan, and he’s trying to get a handle on his PTSD. Lark’s happy with her warm family life with her mother and her son, who is taking riding lessons to help control his cerebral palsy. Lark also has sworn never to let her sexual needs, satisfied in carefully orchestrated one-night stands, interfere with her professional and family responsibilities; and Eric intends to go back to active service, which his army-brat boyhood convinced him was anathema to family life, so he won’t consider marrying. But their stunning chemistry might change all their plans. Fox fleshes out this steamy mating dance with substantial secondary characters and skillful plotting, making this one hot romance to remember. ”

– Publishers Weekly


"Fox’s latest has an emotionally wounded war veteran and an adorable kid at the center of a touching plot. Her honest storytelling is filled with sweet and raw moments that engage readers from the very first page. Both Eric and Lark are strong yet vulnerable, and among the tender moments, their fiery chemistry sizzles.”

– Melanie Bates, RT Book Reviews


"This is a very heartwarming story about a single mom and her family and a wounded soldier. No one in this story is without issues or problems yet none are characters that you would pity… Lark is a fantastic character. She’s strong and independent but caring and concerned. Eric is headstrong and starts off very set in his ways. It was nice to see him begin to relax and evolve into a bit more flexible man. I enjoyed this story. I’m not sure how to express my appreciation of having characters who have problems and these problems are part of them but not what makes them. I found this story to be very upbeat and feel good.”

– Terri, Night Owl Reviews, a Top Pick


"In the seventh book of the Caribou Crossing series, the two main characters must confront hardships that impact their lives on a daily basis. Though vastly different, these unexpected problems have left them vulnerable yet neither lets it show. All throughout RING OF FIRE, lots of soul-searching must be done before numerous crucial decisions are made. The journey taken by Eric and Lark is filled with convincing incidents, unanticipated desire, and exceedingly realistic emotional reactions. Susan Fox makes RING OF FIRE compellingly believable… A contemporary romance by Susan Fox is always heartfelt and never disappoints.”

– Amelia Richard, AlwaysReviewing


"A feel good tale that is emotional and heartfelt, RING OF FIRE is one you won’t want to put down once you pick it up. Grab a copy and experience the unexpected love waiting for Eric and Lark.”

– Patti Fischer, Romance Reviews Today

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