Cover of the new erotic book "Champagne Rules" - a man and a women entwined on a red cover

Hot In Here



Piccanti Fantasie

The Italian edition, released in 2012, is Piccanti Fantasie (Spicy Fantasy). It’s the second book in the “Sex 4 the City” mini-series.


Convenances et Inconvenances

The French edition is Convenances et Inconvenances (Propriety and Impropriety).


Cover of the Spanish translations of Susan Lyons' erotic romance, Reglas Fantasia

The Spanish edition is Las Reglas de la Fantasia, which translates as Fantasy Rules — my original working title for the book.


Image of cover and link to purchase the Portugese edition of Hot in Here

The Brazilian (Portuguese) edition of Hot in Here is Brincando com Fogo (Playing with Fire).

Books by Susan/Savanna

Cover of the new book "Champagne Rules" - a black man and a white woman kiss in deep wine-coloured light