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Hot Down Under in The Firefighter




When Tash McKendrick grudgingly agrees to “babysit” her eccentric grandmother on her trip to Australia, little does she realize that Nana has romance on her mind—for both of them!

Australian men are just plain sexy. And firefighter Mick Donovan has to be the sexiest of them all. Tash is far from home in the magical land of Oz and she’s ready to learn just how hot it can get, Down Under. Sex on the beach. Sex in the air. Mick knows just how to rock her world.

But all it can be is a holiday fling, right? Because in fact Tash’s world is back in Vancouver, BC, and Mick is firmly rooted in Oz. And after all, there's no place like home.

Except, when it comes right down to it, is “home” a place or is it being with the person you love?

THE FIREFIGHTER also contains:

“All Fired Up” by P.J. Mellor

Firefighter Nick Howard transferred from Houston to a tiny Texas town expecting peace and quiet...not a steamy tryst with the unbelievably sexy Tricia Lundsford. Their bedroom chemistry is combustible, and every mind-blowing encounter has Nick fantasizing about the next.

“Fighting Fire” by Alyssa Brooks

Fire Chief Brent Sommers stopped by The Lucky Hart to safety-check the place. Just his luck that Carmen Harte, the club’s new owner and his former flame, is looking dangerously beautiful. And when a faulty door latch leaves them locked in Carmen’s office for hours, there’s only one way to pass the time surrendering to burning lust!

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