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"Book clubs are staid and uninspiring with nothing but classics and ‘safe’ titles as book selections, right? Not true! The Dirty Girls Book Club is daring to venture out of the safe genres and checking out some sinfully delicious erotic titles — and if they opt to do a little extracurricular research on the topics then so much the better, right?...

Savanna Fox’s DARE TO BE DIRTY is a refreshingly fun and entertaining read. In fact, the series, DIRTY GIRLS BOOK CLUB, has proven to be wickedly delightful so far. How many times have you read a romance novel and wanted to step into the heroine’s position or wondered if you could spice up your love life by incorporating a few of the ideas from the book into your own bedroom? Ms. Fox allows readers to let their imaginations run wild as Kim and Ty embark on their whirlwind romance despite their ethnic differences and the results are positively delightful. Kim’s artistic nature just drew me to her and Ty… well let’s face it; cowboys are just too sexy for words. They’re not your typical couple which I think is part of what makes this story one you’ll want to read over and over.”

– Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies — a blue ribbon review


"I loved all the characters, and I especially loved the vicarious thrill of touring all the familiar spots of Vancouver and the interior of BC, which I have spent lots of time visiting over the years. Fox has captured the laid back lifestyles, the Asian influence, the cosmic food experiences, and the excitement of Vancouver, while giving us a great hero and heroine, who at first glance have nothing in common...

Dare To Be Dirty is a wonderful story of a hero’s and a heroine’s journey, which shows the cultural differences of Asian versus Canadian, which figure so prominently in Vancouver. Great story, great writing, can’t wait to read the other three stories. "

– Alberta, Manic Readers



"Avid readers will enjoy the correlation the author makes between fiction and real life. The storyline is strong, unique and stresses the importance of compromise in a relationship. Though we all want and crave a happy ending, in books and in real life, readers will appreciate the author making this novel unpredictable."

–B. Nakia Garner, RT BookReviews


"There are plenty of emotional entanglements which touch my heart, and the titillating sex scenes repeatedly have me needing to cool off with a cold drink. Savanna Fox innovatively creates an original plot for DARE TO BE DIRTY, and the exceedingly likable characters double the pleasure."

–Amelia Richard, Sensual Reads


"Yin and Yang, Ty and Kim—however you look at it, opposites attract for a reason. Ty is down-to-earth, literally and figuratively. Kim is the beautiful dragonfly that brings color and creativity to his world. She is every bit as smart and driven as Ty, yet her age and lack of confidence show in how she deals with her emotions. Kim’s ties to her heritage are as equally strong as Ty’s, which in my opinion binds them even closer together."

–Lototy, Coffee Time Romance

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"I fell for this book from page one. I especially love how the author put bits and pieces of a book [that the club is reading] within her own book. It made me want to read that book as well. The author had a way of making you choose sides with the characters in this book. She showed you every aspect of the lives of the characters. It was one of the best reads I have read in a while. I completely recommend this book to the people who think they cannot fall in love with their complete opposite.”

– M. Whelehan, Night Owl Reviews


"an enjoyable and sexy read"

– Silla Beaumont, Just Erotic Romance Reviews


"Be prepared to savor DARE TO BE DIRTY and enjoy the sizzling romance between the sexy cowboy and the modern woman who wins his love. Savanna Fox has penned a great addition to her Dirty Girls Book Club series, and I highly recommend this wonderful contemporary romance that steams the pages. In fact, I loved DARE TO BE DIRTY so much, I had to give it one of RRT’s most coveted awards—A Perfect 10."

–Patti Fischer, Romance Reviews Today